Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year

Well here we are in 2008
I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Years Eve
I hope you get lots of time to create this year :)
We Celebrated at our home all 13 of us
Grandma & Grandfather, Aunties & Uncles, cousins and Pets
it was a Wonderfully fun time
And I've been enjoying spending time with my Hubby while he's been having some time off work, the kids have been having a blast playing with all their newly acquired toys and games.
The children are on holidays now till the end of January :)
I haven't been playing with paper much over the past couple of weeks,
ofcourse with so many here for Christmas twas a bit busy,
but I have been creating :)
I've been playing with my vintage jewelry stash,
I just love making jewelry out of old bits and bobs,
Below is a shawl pin I've just made,
I'll share some other bits in following posts as I haven't photographed them yet.
I've also been having fun making kits for my etsy shop
Vintage Jewelry kits, full of old optical lenses, vintage laundry pins, vintage chandelier crystals, you name it, their in those kits, you can see them here if your interested

ooohh...look at that lace I used in my picy, I got that from my Secret Santa, thanks Santa :)

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Kim said...

Happy New Year my friend! This is a truly stunning piece...really beautiful!