Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm a Messy Desk Kinda girl.....

Green is still my colour at the moment.....
and these are my FAVOURITE BEADS :)
I had some new supplies arrive this and last week
So I've been having fun creating with them
I just love these amazing Brass Pieces, look at the wings on this Solid Brass Dragonfly,
such beautiful detail......

I'm working on a few Paper creations at the moment for TSQ, hope to have them ready to blog either tomorrow or on the weekend, I am basically working full time at the moment between my etsy shop and selling on ebay (one has to pay for ones entertainment somehow ;)

But today I have to tidy my studio....hmmmmmm
the time has come....
I'm being swallowed up by my lovely little creative MESS!!!!
altho I must say,
when I sit down to a clean desk (altho I like the look of it)
I do find it hard to get the creative process happening
How about you
which one are YOU?


Tammy James said...

Hey Gill,
Gorgeous pieces and as for the question well... when I am creating MESS everywhere can't find where I put something down. But in between CLEAN and I love to start a new run of work in a clean space too! Spread my kit out on the table and go from there!

Paula said...

Can't see my craft table usualy, it is full of work in progress, work completed for photos & stuff I can't bare to put away I love to see my brads & tiny bits for making elements!!
Gorgeous green bits & I also love the dragonfly earrings/chain fab colour flower droplets. Very pretty design I hope you do well with this

SilverMonk Design said...

Love your new design with the colourful beads and the photos are fantastic!

I am very messy when it comes to my work bench. I love everything all out there so they ( the materials) can talk to each other.

Kim said...

Love all of your new creations - they are just divine!

As for my desk...messy, messy, messy! It ends up getting so messy that I have just a tiny bit of clean space to work in. And then when I can't find any of my tools or ink anymore I get busy and clean everything up...only to start the process all over again!

Heidi said...

Gorgeous creations Gillian!!

Me: Messy, all over the house kind of messy, messy. I have supplies and projects in process all over the kitchen, the living room. ocassionally the family room and my studio room - it's a lost cause, it's just too full of "stuff" to even work in right now
I need more space :)