Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the best place in the house....

My mum often said that my childhood cat 'kitty' always knew the best place in the house, be it in front of our wood heater or curled up on my chenille bedspread.....oh how she was right!
The years have past, and 'kitty' has long since departed but one thing remains the same,
Cats can still be found comfortably sitting in the best place!
Our lovely 6year old Burmese has indeed found her best place in the house.

My newly finished project!
I'm rather proud of this crochet rug and wanted to share it with you all :)
it is 8 x 12 squares and is roughly the size of a singe bed.
It is made out of 8ply pure new wool, so is lovely and warm and quite heavy.
I started it in June and am so pleased I finished it before the cold weather has left us so we can all enjoy it's warmth!
Hope you are having a delightful week ♥


jaki said...

ahh! so that's whats been keeping you busy and off the computer :)
It looks gorgeous Gill!!

Sue said...

Fab rug and it brought back childhood memories for me too, not of a cat but of crocheting squares to make blankets to give to Oxfam, a friend and I spent hours doing that. They were multicoloured affairs using up leftover wool not stylish neutrals like this!

Betty said...


What a beautiful quilt!! And a handsome cat!! Now you have inspired me to break out my knitting.

Maryann said...

That looks so comfy and warm Gillian!(Love the colours too.....go Pies!!)

I crocheted a throw for our lounge a few years ago and it still provides so much warmth and cosiness on a cold winter's evening. I know you'll enjoy yours!

Jen Crossley said...

Oh Wow Gillian what a beautiful Rug and so much work.How come animals always know the best place in our homes LOL.
My Mum crochet a rug for me before she passed away I just love it so much

Rein said...

This is beautiful Gillian!