Saturday, April 16, 2011

Block no.16 & 17

For Block no. 16

I made this lovely block called

Blushing Bride Square

Designed by

Heather Prusia

I enjoyed making this one VERY much

Thank you so much Heather it is a really beautiful block and I know it will always be one of my favourite ones in my blanket when it is finished :)

You can find the pattern on

Ravelry & also on Heather's Blog The Good Life

Block no.17 in my

I made block #100 Pastel Delight from the book

This was a pretty easy block,

I am so thrilled with how my collection of blocks is growing :D

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend,

It is a cool rainy day here today....

might just have to settle into some more crochet!

~ Gillian ♥


Heather said...

Thank you for making my block Gillian and for the blog link. :-) Looking forward to seeing your project all put together, it's sure to be beautiful. Have a great day!

**Anne** said...

Two gorgeous blocks Gillian. Rainy weather is certainly a good time for crochet. Snuggling up with a cuppa, a ball of two of wool and a hook...BLISS! :)
Have a lovely Sunday,
Anne xx

Keri said...

Beautiful blocks! I love the color combos you have going on. Looking forward to seeing them put together. Have you decided on how you will combine them?

And Heather has some lovely things going on over at her blog. Thanks for the link her direction.

renee said...

Both of those blocks are lovely. I so love the colors you're choosing. That is going to be one seriously magnificent blanket.

'Joyce' said...

oh I am so loving the colours you have here for your blocks. This is going to be such a beautiful blanket when finished Gillian. It's wonderful to be part of the visual journey with you, watching it all come together.

Hello! said...

Hi Gillian, my name is Shari, I am new to blogging and I came across yours. Love all your work. I also have a big passion for crocheting. I am always looking for new ideas. Thanks for sharing your granny squares, very nice. I love making them but never can put them together without the blanket looking bulky. I will master this one day.LOL. Have a wonderful day and will visit again soon. Shari