Sunday, September 25, 2011


Meet Amineko

Such a fun project!  I made this Amineko for Georgia using the book

I purchased the book a while ago but other projects needed to be finished before I could start this little cat.  It didn't stop this from being a much read book in our home in the meantime, The book so adorable as it has so many cute photos of different Aminekos having lots of fun adventures :)

So after reading this book for months
 and wishing and hoping for her very own Amineko,
Georgia finally has one! 
If you are wondering what the name Amineko means it is
'Crochet Cat' in Japanese.

I used Sullivans Coton-a (purchased at Lincraft) & 3.25mm hook the pattern is easy enough to work from if you have made anything in amigurumi before.

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend
we are 1/3 of our way through our Annual leave,
can't believe how quickly the time is flying!
the children started 2 weeks of school holidays on Friday,
so we are looking forward to a few small trips!
~ Gillian


omlair said...

love it! what a cute face!

Hillery said...

Oh, He's so cute, Gillian. Everytime I try to do amigurumi, I can never get the stuffing right. So far, I've done a couple of pieces of fruit. Don't know if I'll ever have the patience for a larger project.
Great job.

Debi Y. said...

Awww - he's so cute. Great work. :)

Victoria said...

He is fabulous!

Tammy said...

Its so cute Gill!!

Cattinka said...

What a pretty kitty cat!

renee said...

Oh I love his the expression on his little face!

esther said...

Wow soo neat! Very cute guy, see that you have taken up textile arts, you still doing any paper crafting Gillian?

Bree said...

You're a very clever lady