Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dorothy's Tail Neckerchief.....

 I finished this Neckerchief/shawl/scarf for my little miss and in time for her birthday
 It was a great piece to work, I really love the little 'spikes' and the asymmetric shape.  The shape makes it lets it wrap beautifully around the shoulders and the soft acrylic I used works really well with this pattern
 When the neckerchief is laid out flat on the floor it really does look like Dorothy the Dinosaurs tail, the way the asymmetric shape curls at the end (as you can see in the photo below) is a lovely design feature of this pattern also.
You can find the pattern by May Cheang Here on Ravelry there is a small cost for the pattern but it is well worth the purchase price as it is really well written.

I used 2.8 balls of Lincraft Surprise yarn and a 4.5mm hook
I have not blocked the finished piece, as I like the little spikes to curl.
Unblocked it measures 125cm x 116cm x 56cm
it weighs approx 270gms
this is a good size for my daughter who is 11yrs old and should be a useful size for many years.
I first blogged about this piece here
and my Ravelry page on this piece can be found here

I hope you are all having a creative week
~ Gillian ♥


**Anne** said...

Your shawl/scarf is gorgeous, the colours and design. I'm sure your daughter will love it.
Anne xx

P.S. How is your Mum going?

omlair said...

That's lovely! A crocheted hitchhiker! And great choice of yarn too!

trudi@maudeandme said...

It's gorgeous! The yarn you chose is perfect for it.

Eileen said...

Love this scarf! The colors are beautiful. Nice Work!

Cole said...


Little Treasures said...

I agree with everybody else!
A stunning piece!

Flowers in the Window said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Maggie xx

Aiesha Morris said...

Lovely. Very Chic.

Sterling Silver said...

The colors are beautiful. Nice Work!
I Love this Scarf.
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Judith Tetley said...

Hi Gillian, so nice to pop into a "local" blog. I am in Taree and don't often find a blog near my home town.
This scarf is just beautiful, the colours divine and the style so "around forever".
Love the way you jump around your crafting world...I do the same!
Kind Regards