Thursday, September 06, 2012

crochet bath mat & loopy neck wrap....

 I made this little bath mat this week
This time I made it with some pre made
t'shirt yarn (also known as tarn)
This one measures 61cm in diam
and weighs approx 1420gms.
I used All Purpose Household Tie (see picture below)
almost 8 balls and a size 12mm hook.
You can find my pattern HERE on my blog
and the Ravelry Project page HERE
After I made the bath mat I had a little of the yarn left
so I looped it to the size I wanted and wrapped the end around and stitched it in place to create this loopy neck easy and fun piece to make and wear!
 just make sure that you hand stitch
through all of the layers when you sew the wrapped section.
and you can make them any length and number of wraps you like!
Below is a picture of the yarn I used
of course you could make your own tarn, there are many youtube video's on making t'shirt yarn or tarn...but I was quite chuffed when I found this at my local Spotlight store...they did have a very limited colour range and hopefully they will get some more colours in.
I'm quite confident it would take on a dye if you wanted to experiment!
 There is no mention of what the fibre content is, but I ironed the rug when finished (best way to block a crocheted floor rug/mat) I found that it handled a med temp iron quite well, so I think there is a large proportion of cotton in the fibre.
The yarn was very good to work with and soft on the hands.
It should be a strong durable bath mat and I will be washing it regularly in my washing machine.
I hope you are having a creative day
~ Gillian ♥


**Anne** said...

What a fab bath mat. How many rolls of Tarn did you use for the mat?
Anne xx

Heldasland said...

Wonderful Gillian, they are both stunning