Monday, January 07, 2013

postcard bunting

I just loved these sweet postcards
that came free with one of my recent Mollie Makes magazines
so I decided they needed to go on display,
where I could enjoy them :)
they can be easily taken down or left up for as long as I desire.

all I used was some simple cotton twine &
some Nalclip's and a Nalclip dispenser.
I also think some lovely vintage postcards
or copies of vintage photographs would look great like this.
I thought it would be very cute to make some bunting like this
for someone having a birthday - from birth to their current age.
Such a simple thing to do with so many possibilities!
~ Gillian ♥


Heldasland said...

They look great displayed like that, what a clever idea.

Lauren Hender said...

Hi lovely Gill, What beautiful vintage bunting. I will be pinching that idea for a little girls birthday party. Hope you and your family are well xo