Friday, March 01, 2013

little houses.....

There is something about little houses that pleases me.
It is such a familiar shape, as a child we draw these naive little buildings.
When I 'doodle' while on the phone or taking notes houses are a repeated theme.
I guess that is what compelled me to make the House Series of Felt Brooches
I love how each one is a little different, just like the houses in a street.
I recently started a board on Pinterest of 'little houses' that have all been handcrafted.
 It is a theme that many crafters and artists are drawn to,
if you would like to see it here is the link
maybe you will be inspired by these artists and their craftsmanship also.
I hope you are having a creative day in your little house today,
~ Gillian ♥


Angela said...

I love how you are working in series. I have never tried to do that.

Heldasland said...

Gillian they are adorable

Sarah Anderson said...

These are so GoRGeouS! I love, love, love little houses, don't know why, I just do! :)