Friday, April 06, 2007

DCM weekly dare - Art Attack

This week at Daring Card Makers
it's our Rhi's turn to dare us and it is a Wonderful Dare, thanks Rhi..
make a card inspired by a work of art. If the original art is out of copyright (ie the designer has been dead for 70 years or more) then you may use elements of the original artwork in your piece. Otherwise its inspiration only. Look out for colours, patterns, textures, compositions, shapes or themes that inspire you, and remember to show us the piece of art that inspired you to create so we can see the common ground.
Heres some art links to get you thinking
What is art? It's completely subjective, so your chosen inspiration could be architecture, one off design or mass produced products. Please remember to respect the right of the artist or designer not to have their work copied though,
take inspiration instead and make your own art!
I live in Australia, and love my country, and wanted to Celebrate the ART of our country's Original Inhabitants, the Australian Aboriginal.
So with my Take on this Dare I pay respects to
The First People of This Beautiful Land I call home.
I have always had a facination with Rock Painting, The Beautiful Ochres that are used, the simple yet involved images, the rawness of the 'canvas' & the 'mediums'..
This is one of my Favourite Pieces of ROCK ART.
Aboriginal Rock Art of Northern Australia
Aboriginal rock paintings of mythical stick figures at Kunminyini Springs, about 25 km south of Borroloola, near the south coast of the Gulf of Carpentaria, Northern Territory.
here's the link where I found this amazing piece of ancient art.

And this is my card after being inspired by the above photo. Originally I was going to make a quite involved card, but once I cut these amazing images out, I just sat them on the black cardstock, and felt that anything else I could do would only detract from their form.

so I then just did some uneven stitching around the outside edge, and I'm really happy with the end result.

Todays tip for you... I printed off this image, because it was quite faint I drew around the outside lines of the forms with pen, then photocopied the image and increased it by 200%

Then put the photocopy over the top of the PP I wanted to use, and drew over the lines on the photocopy, leaving an indent in the PP, thus making it easy to cut out.. this is particularly good when the images have fine details such as this, which are often hard to make templates for.

So have you dared to DARE yet?....... COME ON I DARE YOU!!!!!!!


Rhi said...

This is such a stunning card Gill, I love the way the shapes jump out from the background, its brilliant! A fantastic homage to the original :D

Rhi x

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

Fantastic - brilliant originality.

Sarah said...

Wonderful card Gillian, the colours on it are great.

Kimberly White said...

What an amazing dare ... and I love what you did with it! Just gorgeous as always Gillian! Happy Easter! Kim

PMB said...

a fab idea and wonderfully executed.

Stacy said...

ok i love the card love how u decided to just leave it!! brilliant!

Lythan said...

Great card - and i love the tip Gillian. Thanks for that

Mel Diener said...

Wow, this is awesome. I too love Aboriginal art, it's so unique and inspiring.

manicstamper said...

Gillian I think this is really stunning I love it and the picture of the original is awesome.

Also popped in to answer your query regarding H20's.
They are little pots of watercolour which have added mica pigments which makes them pearly, shimmery or metallic.
You can colour with them just as a watercolour but if you paint a thick creamy wash onto some acetate and then dab and drag a piece of gloss card through it then you get the Silken Mist background. It loses a lot of impact being scanned IRL it is beautiful.
here you can see the full range and drool over all the colours.
I use what are called the Mini Twinklers which is a 5gm pot.

Hope you manage to find some.

Gillian Hamilton said...

ooooh...they do look SCRUMMY thanks heaps Sheila

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! I adore that aboriginal rock art... it's amazing. You have done the artist proud with your interpretation... I love how you've added the stitching too just gives that extra oooomph :)

Rein said...

Wow, great card Gillian!

Sylvie :) said...

This is very creative Gillian !!
I looked at all your last creations and I love them all !! great job !!! :)

Gypsy Purple said...

Wishing you and your family a happy and blessed Easter

angelnorth said...

No problems with copyright on the origial for this one, I guess ;)

This is fabulous Gillian - I think your decision to leave it without extra adornments was absolutely spot on, the drama of this is just fantastic.

Paula said...

Fab card, as always. I love the ancient art.
Dad took photos of the beach near you & the rocks had drawings on them.

Monique said...

I love aboriginal art! And your card is beautiful as always! Very happy Easter weekend!

Godelieve said...

Beautiful Gillian! Less is more!

Frog said...

Fantastic card Gillian.

Andrea xx

Kelly said...

Super Duper Gillian! Love the card - love the original form too. Aboriginal art is so incredibly inspiring.

Sharon said...

I love this, and what an original idea!
Sharon x

Montysmum said...

what a wonderful interpretation!

Kathy said...

I just love what you've done here Gillian.
The original painting is so special and you've echoed it with your adaptation so well. It's so very striking.

Mary-Beth said...

Oh Gillian, this absolutely wonderful. Love your interpretation of the art.