Thursday, September 13, 2007

SALT - God's Promises

It's my turn to set the challenge this week at
so I picked
God's Promises.
So many times we are guilty of breaking promises,
or have been on the other end of a broken promise,
but what a wonderful blessing to know
that when God makes a promise it's steadfast.

I picked this verse, because I am a 'loner' a 'happy in my own company type of girl' and made this little pencil holder so this promise from God is on my desk right in front of me, to remind me about spending time with God's people, too often I hide from the world happy spending time at home doing my own thing, and because of this I often miss the blessing of being apart of God's family, and as an encouragement to myself, I picked this verse to remind me that when I am in the presence of God's family I am also in the presence of God.

Oh that was deep...are you still with me..

That circle bit in the middle is a piece from an old belt, you know the macrame type with discs in between the thread, anyway I pulled it apart and sealed some words on, then I embossed it with embossing powder, and sealed it some more, the rest is pretty easy to see what I've done, I do like the look of the beading wire wrapped around like that, I think that might be my new thing, anyway... please note! no sewing machine... an no it didn't hurt! lol!

So Come Join us at Salt this week


esther said...

The use oif natural looking colours really compliment each other. A useful reminder of Gods promises! thanks for the topic Gillian

Hazel said...

Thanks, Gill, for sharing your thoughts behind this - and a lovely piece of artwork to remind us of this promise. I'm really thankful to be blessed to be part of the team with all you talented girls.

Scripture by Design said...

Good to have this one close to you in your arty space. Love that belt thingy! Hmmm do you reckon the verse means that we need to scrap more together..ROFL!!!!!

Petrina McDonald said...

I'm still with you Gillian :) I really enjoyed reading your interpretation of that verse and what it means to you.
I think that thing out of the middle of the macramé might actually be a disc cut from a coconut! Looks like it to me....oh so 70s!!!
Love, P

Karen L said...

Hi Gillian, I also loved reading your interpretation of that verse. I also like my own company so was challenges too. Thanks for sharing with us.

Sylvie :) said...

Wonderful verse and wonderful project Gillian !! As always I admire your creativity !

Paula said...

Gorgeous, totally fabalicious!!

Kimberly White said...

Love this promise! What a good reminder (I like being at home too!) So impressed about the "found" item you used! Very clever! Kim

Sue McGettigan said...

I love the earthy look of this piece, and that piece of scripture too - wonderful! Like you I tend to be solitary, but I do delight in the company of like minded souls.

stamp and scrape said...

Love the recycling! Beautifully presented, and fantastic verse. God must be delighted with our priases, and sharing.