Sunday, December 09, 2007

a little help please.....

I'm just after a little bit of advice....

I have these super cool Very Vintage Optical Lenses

and I would so love to make myself a cool piece of Altered Art Jewelry

Now I've got the most charming image I want to put behind it

But my problem is, I don't know how?

Ofcourse I could just stick it on there, but the paper would be exposed at the back, and well you know what jewelry is like it turns over doesn't it..

I can improvise I guess,

I thought of sticking a big button over the back,

or a cool old penny

I'd just love to know what others do...
What do you do?
Oh yes, I have a spare!
if I use your idea
and it's first on the list
then I'll post you a lens
for sharing your idea


Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Have fun with this. Sometimes to finish the back of necklaces, I will use make a mini collage with a quote or word-something that makes you smile or gives you inspiration. If you are mostly worried about it flipping to the wrong side-if you back it with felting, it will stay in place a bit better.

Your idea about the coin or button is great-I can also see one of the metal round charm/tags used in scrapbooking that has a word on it or that you can metal stamp with a word.

Show and tell the finished piece!

chris p

Sue McGettigan said...

I like the old penny idea! I would probably build a collage for the back, use Crystal Effects (SU!) or Diamond Glaze (Judikins) type of product to put the images back-to-back in the glass and seal the back of the pendant - dries waterproof and clear. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

Tammy James said...

I like the Penny idea too gill.
Would it be possible to put two lenses back to back with a different image on each side or would that make it too bulky?

I'm sure thats something you would have already considered.
T. x

Ann (NZ) said...

How about putting two of the same image back to back, then you will have the same image on both sides of the lens?

Natalie B said...

If you have Jenny Crossley's email addy, ask her as she makes heaps of super gorgeous jewellery using optical lenses... if you dont have Jenny's email addy, let me know and I'll give it to you.

natalie Briney

paru's_circle said...

this will look great lightly inked (not in all places) with a vintage colour, a piece of old text newspaper and an old (tiny of course) vintage image.. (like a collage) go over with diamond glaze, and of course a chain(make a nice necklace ;-)

Ann Lederhose said...

What about getting an old watch face or watch glass to use on the back. If you used the glass you could make it double sided and if you had a watch face it would just look cool :)

Anne said...

What a fabulous dilemma to have! Whatever you do choose to do with it I'm sure it will look amazing! I love the lens - what a find! Can't wait to see the finished art.

Rhi said...

I was going to say watch glass too! Whatever you do Im sure it will be amazing!

chowchow said...

How about using a transparency and letting the image float on the transparency on both sides? That would be cool and you get 2 images plus the floating effect?

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're spoilt for choice here! Sorry, I've nothing original to add, but I love the coin idea and also the watch glass idea, and I'd love to see the finished thing. I bet it will be fabulous! Alternatively, how about backing it with a really pretty piece of fabric - ie silk or cotton print - and letting it hang from a ribbon? You can easily stiffen the fabric by ironing onto interfacing, or brushing with PVA glue or acrylic medium.