Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Block a Week Project...

Since I blogged about my new
I've been thinking about working my way through it block by block,
while I'm not sure if I can achieve crocheting all 200 blocks
I thought I will have a go at making One Block a Week.
I'm not sure how many I will make at this stage
but it will be at least enough for an afghan
and along the way I look forward to learning
lots of new stitches and techniques.
I also thought that in keeping it limited to One Block a Week
meant that it wouldn't interrupt my other projects I am currently working on
and will keep me excited as I know I will look forward to doing the next one.
- Well that is the plan anyway ;)
I should also add that I will not be doing them in order,
this is meant to be a fun project and part of that fun for me will be picking which block I do just before I start each week, and I'll also be leaving out some of the ones that don't appeal to me ;)
So here is my block no.1
#93 Sequenced Stripes
I really liked the look of this pattern in the book, and loved crocheting it!
it was quite easy and a great one to get me excited about this project.

Thank you so much for visiting
~ Gillian


Clara said...

Very nice!

TammyJ said...

Love the colours you have used Gill, I hope you enjoy the process and end up with something beautiful!

Cole said...

That looks like fun! I love the colors you're using :)

Anne said...

What a lovely idea. Looking forward to seeing your work.

Rein said...

very nice block, love the colors.

sylviesgarden said...

What a great idea! It will make a very unique blanket.

summerfete said...

Its a good idea to do one a week, bet you do more though!!

looking forward to seeing the updates.


'Joyce' said...

oh what a lovely idea, I look forward to following along your little journey of blocks. I tried to order that book about 2 weeks ago and they told me it was out of print. Hmmmm, going to try elsewhere now, as I would love a copy of it.

Terrie said...

It's a fab idea - exactly what I wanted to do when I get my hands on this book. I'm taking it that you would say it's worth the buy? x

Heldasland said...

Beautiful colours, I have had the book at my bedside forever it is wonderful I think I might join you in tryin to make a block a month

Gillian said...

Oh thank you all for your lovely comments!

Clare- I think you are right, it will be hard to only do one block a week...I may sneak in an extra one from time to time ;)

Joyce - I purchased mine from Fishpond AU only this month and it was on sale (you can click on the copy in my sidebar and it will take you to Fishpond)

Terrie - Deffinately worth buying! I can't put it down :)

Helda - oh that would be cool Helda, block a month is a great idea...look forward to being inspired by your blocks!

Maryann said...

Sounds like a great, achievable idea to me Gillian. Your work is really lovely and even in tension. Keep it up!

MonetPaisley said...

It looks like a great idea, I need something like that, another project to add to the ufo's

Karen said...

Your first square is so pretty. I really like the color combination. One a week? Sounds like a great goal.
Can't wait to see your progress.

Catherine said...

This sounds fun Gillian. I really like the colour combination you're using too. I look forward to seeing what square you do next.:)

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of your project Gillian...will you make a blanket with all the squares? it will be surely beautiful!! Thanks for the visit to my blog:)
waiting for your next square...
Happy crocheting!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gillian
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment!
I've been having a little look around your blog and admiring your gorgeous crochet. :)
Vivienne x