Friday, October 15, 2010

Paper and Yarn....

My Eldest is turning 15 - gasp!
can't believe it
anyway, I needed to make a card for him
~ teenage boys...hmmmmmm
anyone who makes, cards knows cards for teenage boys can be as difficult
as sympathy cards to get your head around.
But it had to be done ;) lol!
So, here it is ~ Simple Clean Lines.
I was quite pleased to get a new phone a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to protect my new toy.
So finally plucked up the courage to have a go at making a cosy for it.
I was pretty pleased with how it turned out, it even matches my little coin pouch :)
I found a pattern on Yarn Pixies Blog
for an MP3 Pouch,
My phone was a little larger so I added a couple of extra rows
and a little 'pinkie finger loop' instead of the drawstring top on the original pattern.
You can find the pattern on
Yarn Pixies Blog
& on Ravelry

Have a Creative weekend Everyone :)
and thanks so much for visiting me ♥


Anne said...

Hi Gillian,
The card you have made for your son is perfect for a boy. I agree with you that cards for blokes can be tricky to make.
I love your new phone pouch. It's so satisfying making things yourself.
Have a lovely weekend.

Cole said...

Love the card! Don't they grow up fast?? My oldest turned 16 last week...

Great phone pouch!

Rein said...

Great card for a boy!

Sue said...

Hey my sons birthday today too....mine is a bit older, he is 25!! Cool card, I'm sure he will sappreciate it.

Paula said...

Very nice card, I struggle so with male designs. This is perfect.
Love the phone cosy! I currently have my phone in a "sock" can't afford to scratch the screen of my precious!

Anonymous said...

Cute! I'm always searching for pattern ideas for my male friends... any other ideas?