Thursday, May 09, 2013

a polka dot & what is on my hook......

 I love polka dots - always have
they are fun and a little 'quirky' ;)
So I decided it was time for the
Polka Dot Series of wool felt brooches.
similar to my circle series but a little smaller.
ps...just wanted to show you this gorgeous old pressed glass stamp/paperclip desk tray
I do think it is a lovely piece.  It is stamped on the bottom Made in England.  I love the way the light bounces off the pressed pattern in the bottom.
now...onto what is on my hook!
 The pattern is called Tutti Frutti by Edie Eckman
and I found the pattern in
Crochet World 2012 Fall Special Easy Afghans.
It is a lovely relaxing piece to crochet
and I'm using beautiful
Cleckheaton Country naturals 8ply Wool & a 5mm hook.
have a lovely day
Gillian ♥

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