Monday, May 06, 2013

the word series....

 These little word brooches are just too much fun to make!
Each brooch is carefully and slowly stitched on my sewing machine, yes even the little letters are sewn on my machine with great attention to the shape and form.
Brooches can be worn individually or grouped with like words or to form statements :)
made from beautiful pure wool felt
they measure approx 4cm x 3cm.
it has been a little longer than I hoped since my last post,
but school holidays were too much fun!
I've not forgotten also that I mentioned I would share some crochet
- it is coming ;)
hope you are having a creative day
whatever your hands lead you to create!
Gillian ♥


Britney said...

hey gillian! i hope this isn't too silly a question to ask but I've been handsewing these tiny labels on my knits for a long time and would love to know how you feel about such tiny careful work on the sewing machine you use!

is the machine you're working with one you'd recommend for such small scale work, or would you pick something different?

Teresa Abajo said...

Gillian - these are adorable!

Sarah Anderson said...

that wool felt is gorgeous, all my colours, and now words! What is it about words? Love them :)

**Anne** said...

Absolutely gorgeous as are the churches in your previous post.
Anne xx

Gillian said...

Hi Britney, My machine is a Pfaff dual feed hobbymatic 955. It is getting on a bit in years now but still a marvelous machine. It is just a normal machine, not an embroidery/computer machine. All of the little words are made one stitch at a time with me turning both the handwheel and the felt so that I get the shape of each letter just how I want it to be. Sometimes I think it would be quicker to handstitch the letters, but I love the involvement of my machine as part of the process of creating these pieces. I think as long as you can control stitch length & control the machine with the handwheel you can sew anything on your machine :) I hope this helps you in some way, and that it answers your question. Feel free to ask another question if this has not helped, Gillian x