Wednesday, November 29, 2006

new blogger....

I've just switched from old to new blogger.. so it appears some of the comments on the posts have changed.. some now appear as anonymous, so please feel free to sign your name if that's you. I appear to have lost all of your beautiful faces off the comments, but I think I've fixed that now.. If anyone has any tips.. I'm all ears... But really it wasn't at all painful to do.. if your worried.. Most of you have probably already done it..TTFN Gillian


Paula said...

I am in the process of switching over but was worried about losing all my photo slideshows as I have three different companies!!!
I really must get it done soon as it becomes compulsory soon!!!
Got to go back to work today & I just know I'm going to be so bored with nothing to do. I have been so spoilt at home making all these fabby xmas bits!!!

Heather said...

Warning... this comment does not apply to todays post! Your artwork is just beautiful Gillian.

Renata Moni said...

Hi, Gillian!

I put a link of your blog in mine, ok?
Hope you don´t mind!!

Have a nice day!