Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Whimsey Pins

My Whimsey Pins
They are just for fun
I love making these :)
each is OOAK (one of a kind)
I start with a Vintage Brass Army Laundry Pin
then dangle lovely brass charms & beautiful Czech Glass Beads
or Swarovski Crystals off them
they are such fun!
The Pins are really Strong, and I don't alter them at all,
so you can use them for your keys, or hang them on your bag or tote.
Hope your day is full of Whimsey :)


Sue Smith said...

They are gorgeous, Gillian!

Tammy James said...

Hi Gill,
these pins are just gorgeous!
I was trying to comment earlier to say that your award is well deserved! Blogger hasn't been letting me comment!.
So anyway Hi , gorgeous work as always and Big congrats!

Paula said...

Gorgeous pieces as always, Gill.x
Hope everything is going well.

Night Owl Designs said...

Gill, your pins are fab! Love the sparkly bits :-)

Lesli said...

Beautiful work Gillian!

mamaluke said...

Just gorgeous! Was thinking and praying for you today xxx

Sanja said...

absolutely gorgeous,Gillian!!:0)

esther said...

oooh wimsey pins. yum! so delicate pretty and versatile, just what you look for in a whimsey pin!

Linda Manning Findley said...

Your charms are just awesome ..... Linda F

Sue McGettigan said...

Those pins are delightful little bits of treasure :)

Mrs Frizz said...

Oh wow - how delightful are these ... gorgeous!!!