Thursday, October 25, 2012

I've been sewing.....

 I was a little frustrated when I went out to buy some modest cotton tops for springtime/summer.  It shouldn't be so hard to find what I was after, should it!
I live in a humid climate and find synthetic fabrics uncomfortable to wear
in my frustration I decided to find myself a pattern and grab some fabric :) 
 This is what I have made since that day a couple of weeks ago.
 They are comfortable, cool and so easy to wear.
 and easy enough to play around with the pattern a little if you want too,
for this one I sewed the facing on the outside - just cause I could!
The pattern is by Simplicity no. 7236
so, I'm happy now ;)
and pleased I haven't forgotten how to sew,
I used to make lots of clothes for myself years ago...
I did have a chuckle when my mum said to me,  
'Sewing is a great Summer Sport' lol!
hope you are having a happy day
~ Gillian ♥


Kylie said...

Given our climate, I don't understand why it is so difficult to buy cool, cotton clothing. I sew many of my clothes, and my Mums' too.

Love the tops...especially the bottom one.

'Joyce' said...

oh what lovely fabrics you have used. I have made a couple of skirts for summer for work, because I just cannot find pretty cotton skirts.

Angela said...

Love your tops! I have spent a lot of this past summer rediscovering sewing clothes for myself and my daughter, and while there has been a lot of learning going on, I've really enjoyed it:)