Friday, February 04, 2011

Block no.8......

Block no.8 in my
Block of the Week Project
I made block #9 Arcadia
This was my first 'two hook' block from the book,
(I didn't actually use 2 hooks, by the way...
its just how they show the skill level in the book
- just thought I should mention!)
so it was a little more advanced than any of my previous blocks.
But still easy enough to complete and very enjoyable :)
I'd love to make an afghan made only using these blocks
~ adding that to my Crochet 'to-do' list....
Thank you so much for visiting,
Have a great weekend!
~ Gillian ♥


TammyJ said...

I love seeing these blocks Gill. : )

PaisleyJade said...

Love it - and loving your colours!!

emerson-j said...

love this, one of my favs..

renee said...

I am also diggin' those colors! That yarn looks yummy and warm. That block would make a really nice blanket. (Well a bunch of them, I mean.)

Fernanda said...

Hello! Until now my favourite is block no.4. It's really exciting to crochet different blocks... I've working the same block for months! That's a great idea!