Wednesday, February 02, 2011

the blue bag....

Is all finished!
In January I shared about starting this bag
I actually finished it soon after I made that blog entry,
but the procrastination began when it was time to line it!
Well this morning all three of my children went back to school after their annual Summer holidays, and I decided lining my bag was going to be the task for today.
Of course once I started I soon realised it was a rather quick process
and could kick myself for not having done it before now.....
I'm rather pleased with it and love that it is a good big size.
Georgia has now put in a request for one, but with a longer handle.
So I'll be adding that to the ever growing crochet 'to-do' list ;)
Today I am praying for all those in the line of Cyclone Yasi,
as it is about to hit the North Queensland Coast and surrounding areas today.
For those in Victoria and NSW who are battling Bushfires
for those Cleaning up after the flooding in QLD, NSW, VIC & TAS
Our dear country has certainly had amazing weather so far this year.
So many have been affected,
know that you are in our family's prayers.
~ Gillian ♥


Maryann said...

Such a useful and beautifully crafted bag Gillian. No wonder the requests for orders are coming in!

My prayers go out to all those in difficult situations across this mighty land also. Please take care everyone.

emerson-j said...

love the bag its gorgeous!!
after all the flooding aussie could sure use a break! heartbreaking for them, one thing after another it sucks...

Christina said...

What a sweet and handy bag! Love the stripes.

I'm also hoping that our family and friends up North are safe from the cyclone.


Jacey said...

I love the bag, the colour, the sytle all of it.
Thinking of those in Australia who are going through a terrible time at the moment. xx

Clara said...

This is just perfect and so stylish. I love how it turned out.

Just-Do said...

The bag looks great! Love the lining.
And your crochet hooks look fabulous.

Allison said...

this is such a pretty bag, gillian! was the lining part hard? i've always hesitated to make a crocheted bag because i worry about having to line it.

Gillian said...

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments x

To Allison and any one else who would like to know how I lined the bag...
Actually the lining was much easier than I thought it would be,

I cut a piece the same shape as the bottom in my case a circle + seam allowance.

then a piece for the side, which was a long rectangle a bit longer than the circumference then sewed the side seam joining the rectangles two short sides.

Then I ran a gathering thread through the top and bottom of the side piece so I could ease it to fit the bottom circle and the top edge of the bag.

Sewed the side piece to the bottom circle right sides together, turned out and fitted into the crochet bag.

Folded a top hem and pinned the top of the lining to the top of the crochet bag

For the handles I cut a paper pattern off my crochet bag handles + seam allowance

Cut 2

Sewed the sides together (right sides facing)
leaving both ends open, turn to right side.

Pressed and pinned to inside of crochet bag handle

tucked the raw edges of the ends into the pinned sides and hand-stitched with hem stitch the lining to crocheted bag.

Hope this helps

Gillian :)