Saturday, January 15, 2011

new project.....

Now that Jacob's cushion is all finished
I felt I needed to make a smallish project that was just for fun,
not following a pattern, not worrying about if it will work or not......
So the other day I was in Lincraft and came across some
packs of yarn from Australian Country Spinners,
obviously discontinued yarn, but this blue bulky yarn was familiar to me
as I had knitted Georgia a scarf out of this yarn a couple of years ago in pink.
I knew I loved the feel of it....
The pack had 4 balls (approx 250gms)
so I thought I might make a bag out of them.
Once I started I realised I probably should get some more,
but of course when I went back the next day there was none the same left.
So I had to improvise, I used 3 strands of Sullivans Cotton-a together
in this lovely Natural colour,
the three strands together seemed to be a very similar size to the bulky yarn
and once crocheted it has a similar feel also.
We travelled to Sydney on Thursdays just for one night
and then back home on Friday.
That was 4/12 hours each way in the car and as Andrew was
driving I decided I might see if I could crochet successfully in the car,
and I could! So it is almost finished.
I hope to share it with you very soon.
Our family continues to pray for all those surrounded by flood waters
and those working hard to clean up after the flooding here in Australia.
May you be blessed with enough strength to carry on in the hard weeks ahead
and may you feel the support from those close at hand
when you need a shoulder to lean on.
~ Gillian ♥


**Anne** said...

I really like the colours you are using for your bag. I love your (new?) header.
Anne xx

Catherine said...

Beautiful colour Gillian. I can't wait to see your new finished project. It's good to be able to get something constructive done when your sitting for so long in the car. xo

Sarah Anderson said...

ooooooooooo Gillian, fab new project!!!!

Melissa K said...

Lovely colours - look forward to seeing the finished project. :) I have crocheted in the car before - is great during long journeys! - Melissa

Maryann said...

Lovely combination Gillian. Looking forward to seeing the finished creation.

Jacey said...

I love crocheting in the car, its amazing how much you can get done even on short trips.
I love the the colours you are using. xx

Clara said...

Very beautiful.

Yes, all of those affected by the disaster are in our thoughts daily.

TLN said...

I love the creamy white with the blue, and the subtle variations within the blue itself.

Dee (loopdeedoo on Etsy) said...

What a fantastically textured stitch. It almost looks like knitted purl stitches. Would you be so kind as to tell what this stitch is or post a link a tutorial on this stitch?