Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Jacob's cushion is all finished!
Such a great sense of achievement!
I know it's just a cushion, but it seemed to take forever...
all those little dc (or sc for those who use US terms)
Jacob's cushion measures approx 48cm square
and is the same front and back, as you can see in the picture below.
this was the first time I have made button holes and quickly
learnt that they are much easier than I thought they would be ;)
The two squares were joined on three sides using two rounds of dc.
each square started with a chain of 75
with 102 rows of dc (sc US terms) this made each side square.
I used Panda Machinewash 8 ply Crepe Wool
4.5mm hook.
I'm already working on my next project
and also planning an afghan for Lachlan.
Take care
~ Gillian ♥


I just want to take this opportunity to express my sorrow
to all those experiencing the heartbreaking flooding
in the Eastern & Southern States of Australia.
and for those in Western Australia
who have had bush fires rage around them.
For those who have lost their loved ones
our nation grieves with you.
For those who have lost their homes,
pets, crops, livestock & businesses
take care, stay strong and
know that we are praying for you x


Sarah Anderson said...

I'll join you in those prayers, it looks so horrific!
Loving your cushion, and no sewing together! Fabulous :)

emerson-j said...

wow all sc!! looks neat and tidy and i love the colour combination. very sad about aussie i have a friends living there but thankfully their suburb is ok at the moment!

Terrie said...

Oh Gillian I love it! My son was telling me off the other day because I have made heaps for my girls and have yet to finish anything big for him yet. I'm never sure on colours for boys - but your cushion looks great!

The floods sound terrible - we've had it on the news daily over here in the UK. It's all very sad =[

Teresa said...

I hope to feel that sense of achievement this year. The cushion looks amazing!
I'm watching the news about QLD too - it's all so horrific.

frou-frou said...

That cushion is so cool. Great colours too, and I love those buttons. Well done xx

Sue said...

Beautiful cushion, it looks so perfect...well done.
My thoughts are with the flood and fire victims and their families, you can only imagine.

pinkfluffywarrior said...

Great choice of colour for a boy.
It looks brilliant.

sylviesgarden said...

Great cushion Gillian! Love the colours for a boy.
The floods are unbelievable, my thoughts are with those affected.

'Joyce' said...

Gillian this cushion is awesome! loving those colours. thanks for sharing. i still haven't started on my jan eaton blocks, it might be a while yet too, as i am making items for craft packs to send up north at the moment. but i will let you know when i get started. am thinking now will make blankets to donate up there come winter. will keep you posted.

Maryann said...

Lucky Jacob! Those colours are great Gillian and your crochet is so neat and even. Well done!!

It's so hard to fathom the impact of so much devestastion from these floods over such a vaste area of our wonderful land. I pray that we all get behind our people and offer whatever assistance we possibly can.
My prayers for all in need right now.

Heldasland said...

What a ta-dah moment ,it is lovely.

Clara said...

Jacob's cushion is male perfect!

PaisleyJade said...

Well done - it looks amazing!!

marlene rodrigues said...

Beautiful cushion! I love the colors you chose!