Thursday, January 27, 2011

Block no.7.....

Block no.7 in my
I made block #2 Tiny Textures
from the book
This is a wonderful pattern, simple and quick to work up.
I also love this gorgeous soft blue
Cleckheaton Country wool.
It's been a fun week here,
with our kids final week of school holidays drawing to a close
and Australia Day yesterday...
and I have even managed to crochet 26 squares already for
with more to come over the next couple of weeks :)
I hope you are having a lovely week,
Thanks so much for visiting!
~ Gillian ♥


Anne said...

Hi Gillian,
I love all the nobbly bits in this latest square. Is nobbly a word? :) The colour of the yarn is lovely too. Bye the way, just wondering how you manage to get a heart after your name? I'd like to send hubby a Valentines Day email while he is at work and hearts could add a little romantic touch. :)
Anne xx

Gillian said...

Hi Anne, Thank you :)
I'm sure nobbly must be a word as I knew exactly what you meant ;) lol!

for the little hearts I just cut and paste them ♥♥♥♥♥
There are lots of shortcuts you can use on your keyboard, but I can never remember them I usually just use the heart and cut and paste it from my blog.
hope that helps you :)
Gill x

TammyJ said...

Oh Gill the texture in this is gorgeous! Lovely work.

'Joyce' said...

oh wow, Gillian, your latest square is just beautiful. The colour is perfect to showcase the 'nobbly' lol pattern. Oh this would make a lovely scarf. I am so slack, I was only thinking today when I started hubbies scarf that I wanted to join in in the square a week along with you, I have plans to donate them to SIBOL (sunshine international blankets of love). I have also signed up for Crochet a Rainbow but am yet to begin my first square. I am squeezing in the last few days with my boys before school goes back. Your crochet is just so lovely and neat.

Clara said...

Very, very lovely.

Terrie said...

You're doing so well with these Gillian - I have tried this square and couldn't get the hang of it!

I do have a question for you - are all of your squares coming out the same size? Some of mine are nice 6 inch squares...others are, well, oblong!

Heather said...

Very nice! I love the color and the texture both. I don't have that book, but have seen so many pretty squares from it. Have a wonderful day!

Gillian said...

Thanks Lovely Ladies :)

Joyce this pattern would make a gorgeous scarf, as it is warm and thick but still remains soft and flexible...and looks like a nice 'unisex' pattern also :)

I have mostly made 'in the round' squares and they have all come out the same size with the exception of one, which I easily did another round.
My first square was #93 Sequenced Stripes, which worked perfectly to the right size.
I have tried the granny stripe and it was way out!!!! so unravelled it and pushed it to the back of my list ;)
This weeks #2 Tiny Textures,
The instructions in the book are to make a foundation chain of 32 (even number), I found this was too wide for my other squares already made. So I made my foundation chain 28 (even number) and then worked the pattern until I had a square. his was perfect for my 14 x 14cm squares.
I will go back to the granny stripe one day soon, but working out the foundation chain is the tricky part!

Terrie said...

Ah Gillian your're a star! I didn't even think about shortening the foundation chain (doh!) but I think that's exactly what I need to do. Yes, the in the round ones work out fine for me too...thinking about it they are the only ones that have turned out right!

I haven't even attempted the granny reminds me too much of my half finished granny stripe blanket which has been shoved to the bottom of my basket!

Heldasland said...

Such a wonderful texture, a wonderful one for my hubbie

renee said...

That square is gorgeous. I'd love to have an entire blanket out of it, with a contrasting lacey border maybe. Mmmmmm....
Love your blog. It's lovely!