Sunday, February 13, 2011

Block no.9......

Block no.9 in my
I made block #137 Criss Cross
from the book
Found this a great block to crochet, easy and quick
- just what I needed this week as I have a sore thumb,
and didn't think I could tackle one of the more complicated blocks.
It is very similar to the Square Target Block form the book,
but I do like the extra eyelet on each side of this square.
I hope you are having a lovely weekend,
~ Gillian ♥


zsazsazsu said...

very nice colorcombination too !

Fernanda said...

First of all thanks for the lovely commentaries on my blog. I am loving all this beautiful squares, keep going! What are you going to do with them?

Penelope said...

How lovely, I've just discovered your blog via Bunny Mummy and love your crochet work. How many blocks do you plan to make from the 200 block book? Is it a 2011 challenge you have set yourself? I too have this gorgeous Jan Eaton book and like your idea of a block a week. Really realistic and fun challenge and I guess before you know it you've mde a fabulous blanket xox

Rynae said...

Thanks for following my blog, you have inspired me to buy the Jane Eatone book its been sat in my amazon account for too long.

'Joyce' said...

Oh Gillian, this is another beautiful square. I love the little eyelet pattern. The colours for this one are great too. I hope you thumb is recovered now. Take care.

Just-Do said...

I love the way you are making a block every week. I just wonder, are all these blocks the same size or not?

Little Treasures said...

Dear Gillian,
Thank you on the lovely comment you left on my lariat. It's amongst the current favourites!
As I came here to leave a thank you note I was captured by your lovely crochet projects. Especially the blocks. So I was browsing up and down admiring your color combination and designs! Your blocks are truly exquisite! Are you planning on incorporating them all into one project?
Would love to find out!
Take care,

Gillian said...

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments x

Some answers to your questions,

Fernanda, I will be making a blanket with my squares when I feel I have made enough :)

Penelope, I'm not sure how many blocks I will make at this point in time, it's meant to be a fun project so I haven't planned it too much...But yes it is a project that I imagine will take up most of 2011 :)

Joyce, my poor thumb has its good and bad days...probably too much crochet :(

Just Do, All of the blocks that are crocheted in the round are coming out the same size (of course they are easily adjusted by adding or taking away a round if needed) I have had some problems with the blocks 'crocheted rows' out of the book, and have had to adjust the amount of foundation chain and rows crocheted...which is a pain, but part of the process of making these squares is to learn so it's all part of it :)
All my squares are 14 x 14cm.

Maya, Yes they will all be combined into one blanket, A Sampler Blanket :)

Thank you all once again for your lovely questions I hope I have answered them for you, please feel free to ask any more if you have any ~ Gillian :)