Sunday, July 29, 2012

a slouchy beanie = warm head....

Next up in my knitting list was a beanie for my son
We both decided this was a cool beanie in the pattern book
so I set to work knitting away...
It is a simple beanie knitted flat and seamed down the back.
Perfect for a beginner and we were both pleased with the results.
The pattern comes from Lincraft Creative Book Volume 17
Knits for Men and Boys Comfort with style.
page 20, Boy's Slouchy fold-up rib brim beanie.
I used Moda Vera Pure Wool Extra Twist & 4mm needles
My son is 13 so I made the size for a 14-15years.

have a lovely day
~ Gillian ♥


**Anne** said...

You have knitted a wonderful beanie for your son. You should be very proud of your work.
I finished another dish cloth last night. Might take a break from dish cloths and make a wash cloth or two.
Enjoy your Sunday,
Anne xx

Miss Prudence said...

Love that pattern, in fact just tonight I considered looking for a boys "slouchy" pattern - i will chase this one up, thanks....Your hat looks great,

Anonymous said...

Love the pattern and perfect color too.

KGCole said...

I love the pattern, but cannot find it under Lincraft (vol 17)? Can you offer more direction?