Thursday, July 26, 2012

waffle knit dischloth + more gartering....

 Still working on more wash cloths for our bathroom
this pattern was mentioned in the book Down to Earth
The pattern is called Waffle Knit Dishcloth
by Debbie Andriulli
It is a simple 4 row repeat pattern, great fun!
You can find the pattern here on Ravelry
or on Debbie's blog Homespun Living Here
I worked mine up in more Lincraft Bamboozle
in two colours I have used for my previous wash cloths.
and on size 4mm needles (US 6)
Because the Bamboozle yarn is a DK weight my washers ended up being around 18cm x 18cm square, which is fine for a face washer in our home.
To finish off the balls of bamboozle I made some little makeup remover pads,
I have made many of these over the past couple of years, and they have all been round crocheted ones but while in the knitting mood I thought I would work up some little garter stitch ones :)
Made using Lincraft Bamboozle and 4mm needles (US 6)
cast on 14 stitches
knit 23 rows
cast off.
= cute little garter squares
ready to cleanse, tone and wash to use again :)

oh and do you like my pretty leaf dish?
I thought I might start to share some of my pretty collectables on my blog from time to time...
I have collected many pieces over the years and thought you might like to see some of them.
I love this one I picked it up at a Charity Shop for $4.00!
(I was pretty pleased with myself that day)
It is English Ware by Lancaster Sandland Ltd, Hanley England.

Well I hope you are having a happy day
~ Gillian ♥


**Anne** said...

Your washcloths are fab and I like your idea of mini cloths for makeup removal. I use the first cloth I made from Bamboozle to take of my makeup as it's a bit small for either a wash or dishcloth. Just finished making a dishcloth last night in Sugar'n Cream Twists yarn which I found much easier to work with than Bamboozle.
Love your little leaf dish and look forward to seeing some of your collectables.
Anne xx

Kylie said...

You can't beat hand knit wash cloths. I even knit my own dish cloths, they are better than the throw away ones!

I bought the book 'Down To Earth' after reading about it on your blog...and I love it!