Thursday, July 19, 2012

garter stitch ♥

 Moving on with my knitting practice
This pattern caught my attention because of that
lovely garter stitch and the beautiful leaf shape...
 this was an excellent exercise for me,
reacquainting myself after many years with the following stitches k2tog, m1,ssk….
I made an error at some point in my green leaf (my first of the three)
somehow I ended up with an extra stitch at the point.
oh…and I think I was a little over zealous with the blocking of these poor little leaves ;)
the bamboozle yarn is much better to knit with than to crochet with,
so it was very nice to work with on this project.

I used all of the left over bamboozle yarn from my washcloths from last week

each leaf only took 0.3 skeins = 24.6 yards (22.5m) of the Bamboozle
I used 4.5mm needles (US 7)
the leaves do need a good blocking when finished.
after blocking mine measured approx 21cm x 15.5cm

You can find the pattern by Megan Goodacre
on Ravelry Here 
and on her website The Tricksy Knitter Here

the pattern also has a Stocking Stitch version of the leaf :)

Hope you are having a delightful day
~ Gillian ♥


**Anne** said...

Your leaves are gorgeous and what a lovely way to practise your knitting. Are you going to put your leaves to a practical use, doily perhaps?
Enjoy your evening,
Anne xx
P.S. Freezing cold in Melbourne today.

Deb said...

These are so lovely, I love the colours too. I might have to make some of my own :-)

Soyun Park said...

This is so beautiful pattern. You showed me how lovely garter stitch is... I almost forgot just like you. Now I might have to start over practicing garter stitch sometime soon. Thanks for the inspiration. Very very lovely photos, too!

omlair said...

these are beautiful! I love that they are blocked to within an inch of their lives!!

you might just get me to make a washcloth...