Wednesday, August 15, 2012

sets of three....

Three more waffle knit washcloths for the bathroom.
I made these lovelies over the past week while I have been working hard on my son's Dr Who scarf, it is such a big and repetitive project that I need little breaks from it to keep me motivated.
I find I burn out quickly from large projects sometimes but working small projects at the same time as larger ones seems to keep my spirits up and things tend to get finished that way!
That is where these little treasures have come in ;)
 The Dr Who scarf is now over 80% done
but these little sweeties are 100% ;)
and this equals a motivated me!
Of course this means the Dr Who scarf takes a little longer to finish,
but it also means the Dr Who scarf does get finished!
so a many rows of Dr Who scarf each night is rewarded with a few rows or rounds of fun & quick little project. 

This time for these little washcloths I used 4oz ball of Lily Sugar'n Cream & a pair of 4.5mm (US 7) needles for the washcloths, This made 3 washcloths and with the small amount of left over yarn I made some more little garter makeup remover pads using 4mm (US 6) needles.
using the same pattern as I did HERE

You can find the pattern for the waffle knit washcloths
by Debbie Andriulli
on Ravelry Here
or on her blog Homespun Living Blog Here

my little bottles...
I love little vintage bottles, particularly green glass ones
I always wonder what was in them ;)
The little ink bottle is special as it was a little one I gave my Dad  with some vintage calligraphy pens once as a present (he always had beautiful handwriting and enjoyed calligraphy) - very special x
The Tall one is rather nice as it has measurements down the side, the photo doesn't pick that up too well....maybe it was a medicine bottle?
and the little one, also medicine bottle I think....I dug this one out of my garden as a child and have had it ever since :)

have a happy day
~ Gillian ♥


Debi Y. said...

Very nice looking washcloths - they would make such a nice gift tied with a bow. :)

Heather - The Good Life said...

Pretty washcloths, I like the cheery yellow color you used. Looking forward to seeing your Dr. Who scarf. Have a wonderful day. Heather

Britney said...

those look beautiful, and well photographed as well!

Britney said...
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Aussie Maria said...

The washcloths look lovely. They look like they belong with a wonderful spa bathroom