Thursday, August 23, 2012

would you like a jelly baby?......

 yay, it is finished!!!
Jacob's Dr Who Season 16 Scarf
The original scarf was knitted in garter stitch,
but when I started this scarf back in May I was nervous about making such a long scarf on two needles...silly really, but that was before all of my recent knitting practice.
So I decided to make it in Tunisian Crochet in Purl stitch.
The Tunisian purl is a good stitch and easy to work, but it does curl and needs to be blocked and pressed to get it to sit flat and even then I think it will still curl when my son wears it. I am pleased I have learnt Tunisian Purl Stitch but I wouldn’t use it for another scarf.
 It is long....really long
I haven't measured it yet, I will add the measurement soon.
I can tell you it weighs approx 665gms, and is 100% acrylic
 Here is a picture of the scarf folding down our internal staircase and our inquisitive cat which gives you an idea of the length.
Here are some useful links if you feel brave enough to create your own Dr Who scarf
oh and I just have to share this clever youtube
it makes me smile :)
have a happy day
~ Gillian ♥


omlair said...

SO SO GREAT! This will be one of those things I want to make, but it's still in the *some day* pile. Although I don't like the way colour changes look on the back. I'm thinking of making a pattern 'inspired by' the doctor in the same colours but reversible.

Britney said...

wow, awesome to see it finally finished, well done!

**Anne** said...

The Dr. Who scarf is AWESOME! Love it.
Anne xx

'Joyce' said...

oh these colours are fabulous! Great work, beautiful scarf.

Debi Y. said...

That certainly is a long scarf - looks very nice. Great work. :)

Heather - The Good Life said...

Your scarf turned out great! I'm sure you son will enjoy wearing it. It looks long enough to keep a couple people warm. :-) Take care Gillian. Heather

YarnRoundHook said...

Wow! That's quite some scarf. As a child of the 70's, I always picture Dr Who as his Tom Baker incarnation.