Monday, June 18, 2012

Giant Granny Square Blanket....

 I finally finished my giant granny square blanket a little while ago, but I have been waiting for a good dry day to take some photos.  So pleased to have this blanket complete :)
 It is 182.9 cm (6 feet) square 
and weighs approx 2.85kg! (heavy but cuddly)
 made by holding two strands together.
Repeated colour pattern for the main body of blanket is -
Red & Cream x 2
Cream & Cream x 2
Brown & Cream x 2
Cream & Cream x 2
My granny square has 2ch in each corner and 1ch in between each granny cluster.
For the Border - (holding two strands together as per the blanket) First Round - I worked htr (UK/aust) in each tr (UK/aust) and chain space, with 1htr, 2ch, 1htr in corners. work another two rounds 1htr in each htr of previous round and 1htr,2ch,1htr in each corner.

It has worked up beautifully soft and chunky :)
I have used this yarn before for other projects,  and I know it wears beautifully and washes well.
That is why I was keen to create this blanket using Coton-a,
even though I know it would require a ‘LOT’ of balls!
I love how the cream & colour hooked together look like red & white packing string.

Made using Sullivans Coton-a and 6mm hook.

Hope you are having a creative day
~ Gillian ♥


Carine said...

Seu trabalho é lindo!!!

LionessLady said...

Oh my gosh! This looks so amazing! I cant believe how big it is - it must have taken forever to do! I love the effect of joining those two strands together! How much yarn did you use in the end????

Gillian said...

thank you so much :)

It did end up taking a long time, but only because I did lots of other projects while making!

I'm almost embarassed to say it too 57 Balls! each ball was 50gms. LOL!

It is so heavy but the coton-a is 50% cotton 50% acrylic so it feels really nice :)

Debi Y. said...

I really like the tweed effect of your giant granny - looks very nice. I like the color combo too - reminds me of sock monkeys. Have a good day. :)

priscilla said...

very pretty !

severien said...

Oh it is sooo lovely. :) love the color combination!

YarnRoundHook said...

Wow! I really like the colours/yarn you've used there. I bet it took a while to crochet a round towards the end!

Angela said...

I am close to finishing up one of these. Yours is beautiful and I like how you did the border.

Tiffany Price said...

I love this! Absolutely beautiful!