Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Prism Scarf....

 I really enjoyed working with knitting needles again
to make this cute little scarf.
I know there are a couple of small mistakes and maybe my tension isn't perfect...but hey, its warm and soft and pretty :)  and I am sure in time my knitting skills will improve, at least I hope so..lol!
I used almost 4 balls of Lincraft Prism (wool/soy) and 6mm needles
and the pattern can be found on the Lincraft website Here
My scarf measures approx 11cm x 185cm (unblocked)

I really love the way the colours of the wool worked with the stripe pattern of the scarf and it was a joy to work from start to finish.

I hope you are having a lovely day,
~ Gillian ♥


omlair said...

wow so super speedy! you are a knitting wiz!!

Absolutely love it!

severien said...

oh my, you are fast!!! :) stripes are a joy to knit indeed. i love the scarf, the color changing stripes are so lovely. and don't be so hard on yourself, your knitting skills don't need much improving from what i can tell. :)

Flowers in the Window said...

Very pretty scarf - it looks so soft. I love the graduation of the colours :) Maggie xx

michelle said...

Lovely job Gillian!
Hope you don't mind, but we posted a link to your blog post from our Lincraft Facebook page. Love the colours you have chosen. :)