Friday, June 15, 2012

Two pointy sticks.....

 I've been toying with the idea of picking up some knitting needles again...
It has been a few years since I knitted a scarf
and even then it was only Garter Stitch.
When I was in high school, my mum and I went off to evening classes to learn everything you could want to know about knitting....
only thing was we seemed to spend the whole week knitting little sample squares ready for the next class and I got a bit feed up with only making them and not a real project.
This made me put my needles away for years and
I forgot almost everything I had learned except for a few basic stitches.
Recently I have been falling in love with many of the knitted projects on Ravelry and this morning I was reading Omlair's blog and her post inspired me to get on with it and relearn how to knit!  So off I headed down to Lincraft and bought some wool and picked up a leaflet and came home and started :)
I am making a simple rib scarf called Prism Scarf (named after the yarn used)
and using Prism yarn, it is a worsted weight wool & Soybean yarn and has a lovely colour change working through the balls and I am using size 6mm needles
The pattern can be found on the Lincraft website Here

Actually I have found the rhythm of knitting enjoyable once again and hopefully I'll soon have another scarf to wear :)

Bye for now
~ Gillian ♥


omlair said...

SO excited to have inspired you!! <3

At first I found knitting annoying, but I'm really getting into the grove of it - so much so that I feel a bit guilty for neglecting my crochet..

GREAT pattern - might have to try it myself, I've already crocheted two cowls with that yarn, it comes in some gorgeous colours!!

Anonymous said...

No one needs to go to classes to learn - they cost a lot, take forever and as you have found can be boring. Once you know knit, you can teach yourself purl and everything else you need to know from books and now of course the internet.

To get started after those initial practice stitches, yes make something! There is so much to learn in knitting that you will need new skills on nearly every project, but you learn as you go. Socks? Easy. I hadn't learnt dpns before hand and used them for the first time. Just gen up first so you know what you are doing. You can make some lovely things with knitting if you keep at it. Same for crochet.