Tuesday, June 05, 2012

a little kitchen love....

Last week I was given a big bag full of Chokos, we have been enjoying eating them but as we had plenty I decided I would make some Choko pickles.

I found this easy and really simple recipe Here
So cut up the Chokos and Onions last night and soaked them as per the recipe. 
This morning I got to work at making a batch.  It was so easy and really fun, I haven't made pickles for several years and had almost forgotten to sense of pride filling those little bottles gives you.  Preserving food is such a simple and worthwhile process, when you have your own veg garden or are given some from a friend's garden.  I know my friend who gave me the chokos will be pleased to receive a couple of bottles of  choko pickles in return for sharing her lovely garden produce...

This recipe made 12 & a half 200ml bottles of Delicious Pickles.... I might try the same recipe when our cauliflowers are ready to be picked.

have a happy day
~ Gillian ♥

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