Monday, March 31, 2008

ooooohhhh I got mail today :)

I got this FABBY sign for my car

I ordered it from another etsy shop in the US and it arrived today, well I couldn't wait to put it on so I didn't ;) then ofcourse I had to drive down to the river and take a photo of it to show you all, I think it looks pretty cool on my little 'pregnant rollerscate'

Vynal Decals
This is the link if you want to get one for your blog or etsy shop

she also makes beautiful Wall Decals so you can scrapbook your walls ;)

While I was there I thought I'd take a couple of photo's and show you my beautiful town

This is Where the Hastings River meets the Sea :)

Port Macquarie NSW Australia
Beautiful isn't it :)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Time to show some more pretties...

This Necklace is made using an Antique Pocket Watch Key, Vintage Brass Tag, Vintage Glass Bead, and lovely Brass Hand hammered Clasp and chain
this time a Bracelet made using another type of Vintage Brass Tag, Vintage 1940's Brass Flower Charm, and a scrummy swarovski crystal.
I call these ones 'vintage UFO's'...... made using Vintage Glass Japanese Beads from the 1940's.
Just a bunch of pretty things all joined together...
And Fabulous Very Old Emerald Green Cut Glass set in Brass Connectors with little vintage lockets Dangling earrings....
Have a happy day :)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Salt - Believe

The New Challenge at SALT went live tonight
Esther chose the theme of Believe
you can read all about it Here

This is not only the first time I've drawn a human figure,

it's also the first time I've ever Drawn Jesus,

(apart from my childhood days)

I love the way my children draw Jesus without any worries or concerns as to how people will look upon their image of Jesus.... To them It's Jesus no matter how their drawing comes out, because they have Jesus in their heart and on their mind while they draw Him

Well thats what I've done too

I have Jesus in my heart and on my mind

Because I believe :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Little Autumn Bird

Like all good creations this started out as something!
this was going to be a bookmark, and well It just evolved...
now it's a hanger Measuring 24 x 8cm...
I made this hanger using some of my latest bits from
TSQ bits I've used are - Catslife Press Bird Stamp, Collections Bracket, AUTUMN RIBBON, Collections words, little picture hangers, versafine Black inkpad, and someother bits I threw into the mix were some PP,Prima flower with it's lovely 'sparkly' centre, Vintage Optical Testing Lens, some ribbon, computer generated words and my sewing machine...

Ofcourse in Australia we are now in Autumn,

my favourite time of the year,

maybe that's why I love the Autumn Tones so much when I create...

So no matter if you are entering into Autumn or Spring

I hope today you get the time to listen to the little Birds Sing to you :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Art Doesn't have to be Perfect

Oh I love these Catslife Press Stamps I had arrive in my DT pack for
This is an ATC I made today.
Using Catslife Press stamps- Bird 689F,Birdcrown 660B, Art Doesn't have to be Perfect,
Queens Dresser Drawers - little ledger girl (just a little part on the left hand side)
and a Large Gears Stamp ?
Collections Chipboard Arrow, some messy inkdrops, computer generated words, and my sewing machine :)

I hope everyone out there has had a

Truly Blessed Easter

Saturday, March 15, 2008

and now for something a little 'BRIGHTER' !!!!

Well you can't make a little boy a card for his 7th birthday with vintage images and lovely mushroom pinks and soft blues and shades of sepia, now can you....
I got this Funky Catslife press number stamp in my latest DT pack from

other bits I used are Collections Chipboard Arrows, Versafine Black inkpad, Stampin Up Diamond Stamp,EK Success itabc/at antique alphabet stamps, cardstock & heaps of stitching ;)

hope everyones having a great weekend :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Salt - His Princess

The new challenge has been set at SALT
'His Princess'
you can read about it here
My inspiration for this challenge came from
1 Peter 1:4
and into an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade
- kept in heaven for you
When I think of what a Princess is, I always think of 'fairy tales' and so would my little miss
So this is an ATC I made for my little maiden, to put with her birthday present
she collects and makes ATC's, I Know how much she loves the stories of the many Princesses who are Saved by their knights in shining armour...
The Joy of This verse is that it is NO FAIRY TALE, it's a TRUE story of being Saved, of Being Loved, of Being Given the Very Best Inheritance...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

a birthday tag

It's my little girls birthday next week, this is her birthday tag for her present, as she doesn't read my blog I know it's safe to put this on her ;)
So many delightful little bits, I know she'll love it
when I make something I usually show her and ask what does she think?
and her reply most of the time is
"um it's alright but it could do with some more bits,
you know to make it look prettier" :)
and we all know from her 'mermaid collage' a couple of post down, her new passion is collage.
so here's hoping I've put enough 'bits' on it :)
The main image is from The Stamping Queen it is a 'collections' image, I also used some of the collections tags for my base. I bought a pad of DCWV paper the other day, (I know I'm behind the times, everyone else has already used it, but I hadn't...and now I know why everyone loves it sooo much, it's scrummy isn't it), some American Crafts minimarks rub-ons, Rusty Pickle Alpha brad, ribbon, primaflower,a little brass birdy from jlyn designs on etsy, a little brass ring that says 'love' and a brass beadcap....

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


isn't that little image adorable....
This is the second DT piece I've made using this lovely
Queens Dresser Draws Stamp ' little ledger girl'
and she is a joy to use :)

I think in this last photo you can see the new technique I tried

I dipped a paintbrush in dark brown ink, and then masked th image, using a fine wire kitchen sieve, I held the sieve above the project and rubbed the inky brush on the sieve giving this fine splattered Background... I like it I think I'll be doing this a bit ;)

other bits I used from TSQ are those ever sooooo cute dragonfly brads, Tim Holtz PP, Collections words, and I added the little paper photo corners, which were 'kraft' colour but I just inked them with the versafine inkpad I used for the stamping of this piece.

Monday, March 03, 2008

and some more pretties....

This is a Necklace I made using an antique skeleton key...much better than leaving them lying around in a draw don't you think... and these are my new 'Whimsey Pins' just for fun, using Vintage Military Laundry Pins
You can hang them on your bag, tote or use them for your keys...
and they are not ment to be serious.... they are just for fun :)
I haven't been making much in the way of Paper things at the moment...
our little house has an Autumn Cold Virus.....
We are all falling one by one...
and at the moment, jewelry making is easier on the head...
and we are all taking things very slowly.
I just want to thankyou all of you who left a comment for Georgia, in the previous post she is more than thrilled that people like her Art... :)

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Look what She made.....

Isn't she AMAZING!!!!!
I'm so Proud of my little Collage Artist, I just had to share...
Recently Georgia and I made a new ART FRIEND
and like Georgia she Just Loves Mermaids
And she put a Beautiful little Pack of Mermaidian Collage Pieces together for My little miss Georgia, Well she couldn't wait to Create....
so Over the weekend in a couple of sittings she came up with the design and I helped a little with some of the gluing, but I can proudly say this is Her ARTWORK....
Our new Art Friend is Heidi
Please go and visit her and say hi :)
She makes Beautiful Art in many forms...
Thankyou Heidi...
Not just for your lovely gift, but for sharing you passion of Art and Mermaids with Georgia
and Helping us have a most enjoyable time Creating together :)