Monday, August 31, 2009

pretty things....

The Gardener
Steampunk BraceletJust wanted to share these two pieces I have made in the last week.
I was quite pleased with them both
I love the Mixture of the Verdigris & Antique finish of The Gardener
and I just love the Dark Brass and Vintage Findings of the Steampunk Bracelet.
I hope your week is a Creative one :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Button Swap.....

On Madeit we have a forum for members.
It's a little forum that I find very encouraging and enjoyable to apart of. Over the past month a handful of us have taken part in a 'Button Swap' We were to make two items using buttons and include a little 'stash' of buttons as well.

Well today my parcel arrived :)
From the lovely Caryn of Smooch Designs
I felt like a little child opening up a present at Christmas, I squealed!
and here is why!
I know.....I am spoilt!
I received this STUNNING Clutch (in my colours and everything!!!)
the Sweetest Button Bouquet (I've always wanted one of these!!!)
Two bags of fabby, fabby buttons (I have a plan in my head already for these!)
and the prettiest Paper Butterfly :)
I wanted to take a moment to show you my new clutch!

How Gorgeous is this fabric!

If I went out to a fabric shop and picked the fabric for a custom clutch then I would have chosen this fabric, I love the colours and the pattern (it looks so fabulously 1940's)
look at the back! it's really pretty too! & more matching fabric!
I wanted to show you the detail Caryn has gone too when constructing this beautiful piece.

It is lightly padded so it feels beautiful to touch, inside matching pocket & lining, also Caryn has taken time to sew little covers at each end of the zipper.... I also noticed when I put the strap over my wrist because it has the 'D ring' it allows the strap to bend and sit beautifully when my hand is threaded through the strap and my hand holds the top of the clutch....finally Everything is 'top stitched' :)

This is what I love about Handmade ~ attention to detail and made with love :)

Thank you so much Caryn
I feel completely spoilt ♥

ps.....I know I said I'd be back with a mixed media piece I've been working on but I'm still not's not that it's huge..But I need to find the time to finish it off ;)

have a delightful weekend everyone!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

In the meantime....

I am working on something at the moment, it's a Mixed Media piece...
and it's taking a little while to finish,
So in the mean time....