Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Bracelet.....

A few moths ago I bought myself a Pandora Bracelet
I've wanted one for the longest time
I bought myself the bracelet, two clips and a large Dotty bead which has 5 gold dots which I think represent my family....and for a while that's all I had on it.
then last week I bought myself a little Knotted Biagi bead, it's quite cute and a perfect Representation of Craft I thought ;)
I Really love the tiny Details of these beads,
the texture, the movement and the weight on my wrist.
I wish I was a Silversmith!
I'd love to create these little treasures
But alas I'm not.... many crafts so little time ;)
Then I discovered Charmish a Fabby Etsy Seller
who makes really Unique beads, well I just had to have one ;)
I bought this Gorgeous 'Sea Weed' Bead from her, and it's so Beautifully Made.
I live by the sea,
so it's a perfect addition to my little bracelet :)
I Hope you are having a Lovely week,
Of course it's school holidays here at the moment
so most of my creating gets put on hold when all three of the children are at home from school ~ but we did make some Zines the other day, that was heaps of fun :)
I must take some picys and put them on here to show you, the children expressed their personalities perfectly in them, You've gotta love Art :)

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Some New Favourites....

Subtle Bohemian The Water Lily

I just wanted to share with you some of my newest pieces of Jewellery I have made, these are all favourites of mine.... I think I'll have to make one of each of these pieces to keep for myself ;)

Do hope you are all having a lovely weekend, we are getting ready for Easter Hat parades, Grandparents visiting, Easter Festivites and a few days off ~ and it's all Lovely!

♥ Have a delightful week everyone ♥