Sunday, September 22, 2013

wool felt brooches & vintage delights...

It has been a little while since I last blogged...
to cut a long story short
we have cared for a loved one,
 I had a little foot operation
and I got busy with starting up my etsy store again.
~ all good but sometimes in life blogging has to take a back seat.
But I decided tonight was a good night to say hello! :)
as I just said above, I have been working on setting up my etsy store again
it has been around a couple of years since it was open and I have missed it.
I've been enjoying working on it for the past 3 months,
Lots of Vintage collectables and curios,
some of my brooches (with more to come)
& my jewellery....
I love that I have a place to share some of my gorgeous vintage finds and another place to share my brooches and jewellery...
have a lovely week
~ Gillian ♥