Tuesday, August 28, 2012

square motif crochet buttoned scarf...

 I finished off this buttoned scarf last week,
I was just waiting for a moment to photograph it.
I'm quite happy with how it came out :)
 I love how versatile it is,
simply by adding some lovely vintage buttons
and hooking a row of button holes.
 It is lovely and long
measuring approx 15cm x 180cm
As you can see below the original pattern was slightly different with a sweet bobble fringe, but being a practical person I was sure I would get frustrated wearing a scarf with a fringe like that so decided to make a few slight changes.
 Below is a picture of the Panda book
Crochet modern vintage
that the pattern was found in.
It is full of GORGEOUS crochet designs,
and well grabbing a copy if you can!
I used Panda Cotton Blend 8ply (as per pattern) & 4mm hook.
If you cant find this lovely Panda book
the square motif is almost identical
 to the block
Circle in a Square #13
in Jan Eaton's book
I hope you are having a delightful day
~ Gillian ♥

Thursday, August 23, 2012

would you like a jelly baby?......

 yay, it is finished!!!
Jacob's Dr Who Season 16 Scarf
The original scarf was knitted in garter stitch,
but when I started this scarf back in May I was nervous about making such a long scarf on two needles...silly really, but that was before all of my recent knitting practice.
So I decided to make it in Tunisian Crochet in Purl stitch.
The Tunisian purl is a good stitch and easy to work, but it does curl and needs to be blocked and pressed to get it to sit flat and even then I think it will still curl when my son wears it. I am pleased I have learnt Tunisian Purl Stitch but I wouldn’t use it for another scarf.
 It is long....really long
I haven't measured it yet, I will add the measurement soon.
I can tell you it weighs approx 665gms, and is 100% acrylic
 Here is a picture of the scarf folding down our internal staircase and our inquisitive cat which gives you an idea of the length.
Here are some useful links if you feel brave enough to create your own Dr Who scarf
oh and I just have to share this clever youtube
it makes me smile :)
have a happy day
~ Gillian ♥

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

sets of three....

Three more waffle knit washcloths for the bathroom.
I made these lovelies over the past week while I have been working hard on my son's Dr Who scarf, it is such a big and repetitive project that I need little breaks from it to keep me motivated.
I find I burn out quickly from large projects sometimes but working small projects at the same time as larger ones seems to keep my spirits up and things tend to get finished that way!
That is where these little treasures have come in ;)
 The Dr Who scarf is now over 80% done
but these little sweeties are 100% ;)
and this equals a motivated me!
Of course this means the Dr Who scarf takes a little longer to finish,
but it also means the Dr Who scarf does get finished!
so a many rows of Dr Who scarf each night is rewarded with a few rows or rounds of fun & quick little project. 

This time for these little washcloths I used 4oz ball of Lily Sugar'n Cream & a pair of 4.5mm (US 7) needles for the washcloths, This made 3 washcloths and with the small amount of left over yarn I made some more little garter makeup remover pads using 4mm (US 6) needles.
using the same pattern as I did HERE

You can find the pattern for the waffle knit washcloths
by Debbie Andriulli
on Ravelry Here
or on her blog Homespun Living Blog Here

my little bottles...
I love little vintage bottles, particularly green glass ones
I always wonder what was in them ;)
The little ink bottle is special as it was a little one I gave my Dad  with some vintage calligraphy pens once as a present (he always had beautiful handwriting and enjoyed calligraphy) - very special x
The Tall one is rather nice as it has measurements down the side, the photo doesn't pick that up too well....maybe it was a medicine bottle?
and the little one, also medicine bottle I think....I dug this one out of my garden as a child and have had it ever since :)

have a happy day
~ Gillian ♥

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wribbed Wristers.....

 Love this pattern!
It is a simple 'worked-flat' pattern,
easy to adapt to make your wristers the right size for you...
Seamed along the thumb side with mattress stitch they come together beautifully and are totally wearable and quick to make.
You can find the pattern by Joan Janes
on Ravelry Here
I used 1 x 50gm ball of Cleckheaton Perfect Day 8 ply
- 70% Wool, 30% Alpaca
(matching wool to my Calm Cowl)
4mm needles (US 6)
and worked 50 rows for each wrister.

Hope you are having a creative weekend,
Gillian ♥

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

simple project & new skills.....

 Moving along with my knitting...
This simple little project has taught me two new skills
- knitting in the round with dpns (double pointed needle set)
& grafting using Kitchener stitch.
 as you can see it is a little iPod sock :)
knitting socks is high on my to do list
so learning these two skills is a must!
This was a great project to tackle both,
and get some practice in,
without the fear of messing up a bigger project, while learning.
I used Jillian Neary's pattern
iPod Sock which can be found on Ravlery Here
and when it came to learning the Kitchener stitch
I used this great YouTube by
Very Pink Knits which can be found Here 

I used Cleckheaton Merino Bambino 4 ply (about 1/4 of a ball)
and a set of 4 - 2.75 mm (US size 2) dpns

Have a great day
~ Gillian ♥

Thursday, August 02, 2012

calm cowl....

 A girl can never have too many accessories!
and this one really keeps the cold August winds away...
 I made just a few little changes to the pattern to suit my individual needs
and added a little row of pearl buttons,
which catch the light and add a little extra texture.
Both the changes to the pattern and addition of buttons were inspired by fellow Ravelry members.
One of the things I love about Ravelry,
is that you can look at what others have done with patterns
and be inspired by them  ♥
It measures approx 1.5mtrs long
and I will be wearing it doubled as above
but here is a picy of it showing the full length.
I used 3.5 balls of Cleckheaton Perfect Day 8 ply
(70% Wool, 30% Alpaca) a 4.5mm hook
& Beutron buttons - SR0834

You can find this lovely pattern by Suzana Davidovic
on Ravelry Here
my slight changes to the pattern can be found
on my Ravelry project page for this pattern Here

I hope you are having a delightful day
~ Gillian ♥

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Twisted Granny Scarf.....

 This scarf has been a long time coming....
 not the crocheting of it....
as I finished it months ago!
But for some reason it has avoided being photographed by me...
I'm not sure why, maybe it is the colours?
Anyway, I was photographing another item this morning and thought to myself,
Just get on with it and photograph it!
To me an item isn't really finished until I have photographed
and blogged about it...
silly maybe but hey, I'm a craft blogger & that is what we do!
I have worn it twice, and enjoy it very much when I'm feeling colourful and arty ;)
I purchased the pattern from Jessica Turner on Ravelry
It is called Twisted Granny Wrap :)
You can find the pattern Here
It was a fun piece to create
I used a little over 5 balls of Lincraft Splendour & 5mm hook.

You have yourself a lovely day!
~ Gillian ♥