Monday, September 20, 2010

A new cushion.....

My very first Crochet Cushion
I'm quite chuffed with it
and look forward to making some more soon.
I used 5 x 100gm balls of Lincraft Baw Baw Yarn
It is 50% Wool & 50% Acrylic and is a lovely chunky yarn.
And this Gorgeous 15mm Chunky Crochet hook.
I crocheted a tradional Granny Square of 9 rounds
and finished with a round of double crochet (uk/australian)
Of course this pattern could be adapted to any yarn and size you require.
I then Stitched the cushion cover up like an envelope,
stitching under the Single Crochet round using invisable ladder stitch, so the stitches could not be seen as per my photo below.
After the bottom half of the cushion cover was sewn together,
I covered my cushion insert (I actually used 2 cloth serviettes that have never been used, they were the perfect size and I really liked this colour for my cushion)
Next was placing the insert inside the cushion cover and stitching the last two seams.
When the time comes for a new cushion insert (as we all know they flatten over time)
I will be able to undo the two of the seams and replace the insert
This cushion was Very quick to make because of the large yarn and hook and super easy, if you can make a granny square than you can easily make one of these cushions :)

Thank you for visiting
I hope you have a lovely day :)


Sarah Feeney said...

Very cool Gillian!

لمسات سمسمية said...

جميلة جدا

Rika said...

What a beautiful cushion!

Tammy said...

Chunky gorgeousness Gill!

Gabi said...

What a great idea, in the real sense of the word :-)
Nice cushion!

sylviesgarden said...

Great idea, I love the chunkiness!

Terrie said...

Gorgeous! I love the yarn.

Erin from Dear Edna said...

I love it! I have been interested in adding lace and/or crocheted doilies to my work and was looking at a few pieces in vintage shops yesterday when it occurred to me... I could make my own! How did you learn?

YarnRoundHook said...

That is lovely.

'Joyce' said...

Gillian this cushion is great. Wow, your first!! I am impressed. The chunky yarn does crochet up fast, and it would be just so mega-snuggly too. I love your textured backing that you can just see peeking through the crochet. Great colours together.
Thanks so much for sharing, have a wonderful day.

Maryann said...

Such a lovely, comfy cushion! I'm sure there's lots more to come.

Melissa@Vidastyle said...

Excellent cushion, cant beleive it is your first!

Gillian said...

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments :)

to answer Erin's question I learnt crochet many years ago, when i was approx 8years old, but have only recently renewed my love for this wonderful craft.
If you would like to learn crochet youtube has some amazing tutorials, all you need to do is type in Beginner Crochet and you'll be amazed at what you can learn!
this one is excellent for learning how to make a traditional granny square, which is what the square I used for this cushion. :)

Cole said...

Chunky yarn + giant hook = instant gratification :) Love it!!

The Stamping Queen said...

Hi Gillian!
Good to see you back again! I've been off the air for some time but it does feel good to be back and especially to see what you have been up to.
Loving it all!
Hope you and the family are well.

My Sinfonia said...

Hello, love that cushion. I have only just started to use crotchet in my jewellery and you have inspired me to do more! Hope I can find out how to do granny squares...Thanks!

knitalatte said...

Your cushion came out really nice. I adore your big crochet hook. The bulky yarn/large crochet hook creates such texture! Perfect.
Thanks for the lovely comment you left about my granny stripe and loopy rose projects:)

PaisleyJade said...

I love it! Looks so snuggly - well done.

Erin said...

Thanks for the info! I started to learn when I was about that age as well but gave it up, probably once I discovered the sewing machine! haha! You've inspired me. I've put it on my list of to dos for this fall/winter.

Jacey said...

I love the cushion and the clever way you have closed it, and I adore your crochet hook its beautiful.
Found your blog on icrochet, such a great way to find fab blogs. x

French Nanny said...

Wow - that's chunky!

Desirée said...

Wow this was great!! I love to knit and croch too :)

My Sinfonia said...

Hey Gillian, finally made my own crotchet cushion...thanks for the inspiration..I am rapt!

Unknown said...

Beautiful cushio!! I love the yarn you use!


Anonymous said...

That is really beautiful - it's all about the texture isn't it? I love it! It's a simple idea but I've never seen it before (or thought of it either) so especially well done if you thought of it! (and even if not it's still a bit different to anything else which is great). I would really like to make one of these. It's really great!

Fernanda said...

Hi Gillian, I have been having a look at your older posts and this cushion caught my eye. Simply beautiful!