Saturday, March 12, 2011

my boy has a new scarf.....

Lachlan asked me to make him a for a scarf for winter
I searched for a pattern that I thought would suit him
and failed to find the right one.
Knowing he wanted a simple design,
that was NOT scratchy (lol!)
in his colour choice of grey this is what I came up with.
It is very easy and definitely a beginner crochet design
simple and easy to make with any yarn or hook size,
with appropriate adjustments made to suit your choice.
Measuring approx 170cm x 12cm
we think it suits a 12 year old boy perfectly.

I used DK weight acrylic yarn
and a size 4.5mm hook
180gms of yarn used
UK terms used

I chained 20 + 2
htr into 3rd chain from hook, htr to end, chain 2, turn
*htr to end, chain 2 and turn repeat from *
till desired length....
when finished dc around edge
for corners work 1dc, chain 2, 1dc.

The edging of dc keeps the scarf simple and masculine.
htr (UK terms) = hdc (US terms)
dc (UK terms) = sc (US terms)
I mentioned in my previous post I'm working on an upcycled project
it's almost finished :)
here is a photo of it in the early stages.....
I ♥ wooden hooks :)


Our hearts go out to all in Japan,
know that you are in our prayers.


Anonymous said...

Gillian, Lachlan’s scarf suits him fine. That pic of the crocheted denim is enticing, captured my interest.

**Anne** said...

Oh what a wonderful scarf for a young man. The colour and the design are just pefect.
That is one seriously BIG crochet hook. Looking forward to seeing what you are up too.
Anne xx

Heather - The Good Life said...

Your son looks very happy to be wearing his new scarf and it looks very nice on him. Curious to see what your are making with the pretty wooden hook. :-)

'Joyce' said...

Gillian, I love your boys scarf, and I can see that he loves it too.
You are brave going the denim. I have jeans of the boys here that I have similar plans for, but just haven't started on that one just yet. How are you finding the chunkiness? I was stashing my denim to make, crochet outdoor cushions and grocery bags. I so look forward to seeing your denim hooky goodness when you have finished it.

Gillian said...

Oh thank you all so much xxx

Joyce - Oh you must do something with your denim, it is so much fun to upcycle like this!! My arm is so tired and sore but I have finished my project a bath mat for my boys.

outdoor cushions would be fabulous so too would a bag, I need to give my arm a rest for a few weeks now....back to gentle crochet lol! but I feel so proud I have finished my denim bath mat and got rid of 5 old pairs of jeans out of my wardrobe - more space :)

'Joyce' said...

oh my gosh! oh you are awesome! I love it. oh I just love it. I have just finished a heap of typing for my assignment and come over to see you have finished it. Gillian you are so creative girl! oh I just realised I am on the wrong post. lol in my excitement. Will go to the correct one now. See you over the page. lol.

- said...

A top notch male scarf pattern! I love the color too. Wow!